How to create brain games

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Why did the man feel bloated after eating ten tomatoes? This is the start of an overwhelming puzzle, since some may think that he ate too much, but the truth is tomatoes make up 95% water. In one aspect the man did eat too much, yet in other aspects you can image drinking two glasses of water to see that it will make you feel bloated.

Riddles can be created as Brain Games also. Take the word cough for instance. If you were to say back-to-back, sole, mole, role, bole, etc you would have said “ole” repeatedly.  

Now you may think that sitting around all day creating Brain Games from subjects or words is getting you nowhere, but the fact is when you stimulate the mind, it opens the mind up to becoming active and creative. You will find yourself solving problems easier as you practice Brain Games each day.
Why do you think our trees are becoming distinct? The answer maybe to some, is because trees are being replaced with buildings or parking lots. This is factual partially, yet if you stretch your mind to think that trees are becoming distinct…you would see that part of the problem is because American’s alone each day receive as much as three million letters in the mail, which is often junk mail.

Notice how the trivia question can open your mind to discover new solutions to resolve the problem. Now, if you wanted to continue with the trivia you may come up with solutions to reduce junk mail. You could do this by stop sending your address to marketers to start with, which will eliminate your from their list.

This would cut the figure three million back one. That is one less person causing our trees to become distinct.

Why did many men die servicing the Union Army? Your mind may first think, “War,” but if you were to explore the cause of deaths, and do some research you would know that many men died in relation of diseases rather than the war itself.

Brain Games open your mind up to discovery. When you open your discovery mind, it helps you by keeping the mind active. You will see a need to explore possibilities to solve problems.

Which president of the United States of America was ambidextrous? Your mind will feel inspired to discover the answer, since likely it will go back through the list of presidents to figure out which one could use his right and left hand concurrently to offer his penmanship. You mind will ponder until you know the answer, or else if you are investigative you may explore books, magazines, the Internet or other areas to research and discover the answer. AS you can see this opens up to cognitive thinking, logical thinking, creative thinking and so on. 

Think about the question for a few minutes. Don’t try to look at the content below to find the answer, rather ponder for a few moments to see if you can discover the person’s name.

Allow the mind puzzle to take you to discovering the name of the president with skillful abilities to employ either hand to write.

Brain Games open your mind up to persuasion. You will start to see needs to discover you point of views, or experience urges to explore potential solutions in solving problems.

Answer: The answer is James Garfield could skillfully use either hand to write. Go for the mind busters