Our future is geared toward artificial intelligence. The human mind need not have to work hard and achieve anything in the days to come. We are in the threshold of deciding now as to what to do with our brain, not only the brain, even with our limbs. Everything will be automated. Whether it is driving the car or decision-making, the dependency on the machines are becoming high. Where does the human exist?

The so-called achievements so far, are the artifacts of the brain. The scholastic trends upwards prove the brain functioning and meeting the challenges all the way. In the science front, the humankind has reached the pinnacle by solving the problems using the efforts of the brain alone.

The man would like to meet the challenges and the dead lines. The study on evolution of humankind shows us that the brain activity of the man is the sole cause for the wonderful world we live in today. Even the primitive man met his life of hardships by using the innate power of mind. Recent researches show that the mind should be always activated to keep it alive. The elderly people are asked to start fresh in life at the late years, like learning something new, just to open up the channels in the mind. The opening of the channels in the mind keeps them healthy, according to the medical studies. The new activity simply rejuvenates the brain nerves and prevents the senility settling in soon.

The power of Brain Games also can be equated to such a brain activity. A mind puzzle can simply challenge both the right side and the left side of the brain at the same time. This attribute of a mind puzzle is beneficial to both young and the old. It activates the mind of the person who tries to solve it. The ultimate aim is to create an atmosphere of challenge for the mind using the Brain Games. The outcome of the brain activity is important even if it is not directly proportional to the efforts pumped in. A puzzle might not have been solved. No, that is not exactly targeted. The mind is focused. It dwells upon some problem solving measure for sometime constantly. That is an achievement.   

It starts from the preschool level. The ordinary game of stacking up different color and size rings is a mind puzzle to the small child. The challenge of fitting all the rings according to the size definitely demands something out of that child. The same child will face a different mind game in the later stages. It is very important that the mind be activated at every stage of a child growing. The growth of physical body alone in a child will pose a problem. The mental activity of a child is also equally important. The food for thought is what is actually required for all of us. The Brain Games are a sure way of achieving this end.

What is success in life? Who is the winner in the race of life? The person who has put only his physical activity is not considered a total success. Even economically, a person cannot achieve anything by physical activity alone. The mental activity, which comes out as a solution to a problem or excellence in academics, is the mainstay for the success in life.

The great educational institutions groom up its students through lots of mental exercises. The mind games surely pave a way of success in strengthening the mind power to stand out in life and to hold true to the future artificial intelligent game. Puzzles are mind busters.